Black Lives Matter?

I try to be very calculated and very wise about what I post on social media as it isn’t the most ideal platform to have hard discussions. However, I am very aware of the fact that, no matter what you say—or how you say it, some will take offense. Just please note: being offensive is not my intent. Being honest, forthright, and clear is.

Firstly, for me, as a Christian, and a human being for that matter, I want to make it absolutely clear that I know that “All Lives Matter.” No one can convince me otherwise. Period.

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is: we live in a broken world—and though many profess Christ with their mouths, their hearts ❤️ and actions are far from him. Hence, the current state of our world. And if you’re familiar with Bible history, religious people crucified Jesus Christ—and they saw nothing wrong with it.

Moreover, as it relates to the topic of racism, injustice, and systemic issues, I don’t profess to be a guru; however, I did do some research. Thus, I think the attached clip is worth watching as it explains some systemic issues in the United States. It’s very informative and it’s explained with great simplicity (please see clip below).

As a people and as a country, we cannot pretend that there isn’t a systemic problem. And, I’ve heard many say, “what about this group, or that group, etc.” And, I get it...their lives absolutely matter. However, right now...we are specifically talking about “Black Lives.”

Additionally, my beloved Christian community: the point has been made that there are other extremely harmful issues that are also taking “black lives,” and I totally agree. There is certainly a place and time for that. Nevertheless, that’s NOT the topic right now.

The example that keeps coming to mind is: as the body is interconnected, and each member is affected by the other—the mission is always to care for and heal the wounded part, to avoid further damage and it potentially negatively affecting the other parts of the body. In layman’s terms, by saying “Black Lives Matter,” you are not saying that others don’t. Instead you are saying, let’s rush to aid, support, and heal the wounded part to ensure that it’s not harmed any further and/or permanently damaged (which actually affects the other parts of the body).

We live in this world. Therefore, we cannot turn our heads and not acknowledge the injustice, nor refuse to actively engage (however you choose to do that) in the overall greater good, and become a part of the solution, all for fear of opportunists and/or those with hidden agendas attempting to distort your faith.

The naked truth here: it’s going to happen. There will alway