Don't Be a Fool

In such a crazy, busy, and extremely noisy world, it’s really easy to get caught up in the foolery & traffic jams. And I get it...we’ve all been there and done that. However, at some point, we must grow up.

While doing my devotion this morning, the word "wisdom" is what stuck out to me. Meaning, wise individuals move & think differently. They are often misunderstood as they tend to march to their own/unique beat. But the end results of their decisions are undeniably fruitful & effective. Foolish individuals despise wisdom & wise counsel. They thrive on...and many times enjoy chaos. If it’s not messy, they want no parts. Thus, my encouragement to you is: don’t be a fool.

Remove the smoke 💨 screen. Making moves, coming to conclusions, etc., without wisdom or wise counsel is a recipe for destruction. Thus, take the time to fully hear, explore all areas of a matter, and receive undeniable clarity. Wisdom is the key 🔑 thing. It’s the first thing. It’s the chief thing. It’s supreme and will save you from making a lot of bad decisions, using wrong speech, embarrassment, miscalculated moves, etc. Don’t be hasty. It’s not about’s about depth, accuracy, clarity & direction.

Wisdom is God's GPS system. Many times people are so focused on reaching a destination that they often lose sight and miss their turn, miss their exit, and often end up in the wrong lane. As you mature, you must be wise and calculated. An example that comes to mind is when my husband and I travel, we often hit road blocks, traffic jams; witness pile-ups/accidents, etc. And if I can be honest, there was a time when we would get so frustrated, that we would yell at the cars in front of us, because in our mind, we had somewhere to go. (and they were in the way...Haha!)

As time went on (over the years...Haha!), we soon discovered that the GPS was doing its job...and the folks in front of us couldn't move any faster than they were going as they too were in the same traffic jam. Through these road rage experiences, we soon learned that the wisest, and safest thing for us (and our family) was to follow the roads' the GPS had placed us on. Granted, sometimes our journey took longer, but at the end of the day, we made it to our destination, and we made it safely.

Case in point: it was better to arrive later, than not at all. And someone might be saying, "Well, sometimes you need to move fast." And, trust me... I get it. But that's not the context or point I'm making here. My point is: Let the GPS do its job. And I know it can be frustrating and many times we become restless and impatient. But again, my encouragement to you would be: Don't be a Fool. Stay in your lane. Follow the GPS. Don't cause an accident. You will get there. It's not just about you! It's so much BIGGER than you!

Finally, this applies to all areas of life. Therefore, apply it where needed. : )