From the Ground UP

For the Mature & Open Hearted...

Today, I was asked to speak at the “Protect Life Michigan, Memorial & March” and I must say that the current climate of the world had me thoroughly thinking about whether or not to accept the speaking invitation.

See here’s the thing... I was told that there would be a minimum of 300 in attendance (at the State Capitol), consisting of State Representatives, Community Leaders, Pastors, etc. (and there was more). Thus, in a world that is so divided, I wrestled with my presence, pictures being taking of me, and parts of my speech being misconstrued.

I wrestled with the fact that folks are having an extremely difficult time of distinguishing who’s who —and what’s what.

As a woman who is unapologetically for Life; unapologetically Black; unapologetically for Love, Hope, Healing, Healthy Dialogue and more...I found myself in a place that I’m sure many of you do as well.

For me, I have a divine mandate to be EVERY thing I was created to be (Black, a woman, a Life Giver, a Minister, a Teacher, a Lover of Life and more...). Thus, with that comes a beautiful, yet very unpopular & uncomfortable responsibility to have very difficult conversations.

Last year, God clearly told me that I would use my voice even more in the forthcoming years. Not to divide or only push what was important to me——but to speak life, hope, healing, and to be a part of the solution (s)—and a voice of reason—in a world that so desperately needs it.

Today, I was honored to share my own story and journey; while also expressing what I believe to be some of the remedies to the issues and problems that we see & face today. While I could have opted out/passed on the speaking invitation—I was strongly compelled to “practice what I preach”—and “Be the change that I so desperately want to see.”

I believe that we can have the hard, difficult conversations when we are willing to be honest, open, and transparent. I believe that we can see real change when we treat and view one another as beautiful creations, made by the masterful hand of God. I believe that we can agree—and even disagree—while still maintaining dignity and respect.