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The Power of Focus

“’s all about focus. The main reason most people struggle professionally and personally is a lack of focus. They procrastinate or allow themselves to be easily distracted and interrupted."-Canfield, Hanson, Hewitt
Reference: Canfield, Jack (2012-03-05T22:58:59). The Power of Focus Tenth Anniversary Edition: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Absolute Confidence and Certainty (Kindle Locations 327-329). Health Communications, Inc.. Kindle Edition. ”

Does Focus Just Happen?

Focus just doesn't happen. It must be intentional. Thus, it takes work. As I come to the end of my Master's program, and reflect on how much work it took to get to the finish line, I am in complete awe of God's grace and mercy. There were times when I truly wanted to quit (mother of 5, wife, entrepreneur, etc.). The late nights of studying, days of feeling like I was totally losing my mind (not really, but you get what I mean), the sacrifices my family made; and the list goes on. As I ponder the journey, I am very aware that things did not come easy. It took hard work, intentionality, and focus! I can recall one night sitting up late, completing an assignment, and I thought to myself..."is this worth it?" My head was pounding, my body was tired; and I was just so ready to be done with school. However, I eventually snapped out of my "woe is me" phase. I knew my "why" and I was determined to complete what I started!

Growing up, my upbringing wasn't the most ideal, and I had many negative childhood experiences and statistics staring me straight in the face. Nevertheless, I was determined to succeed in everything that God called me to do. It wasn't easy. Trust me. It was hard, stressful at times, and even very lonely.


In a world filled with so many distractions, it is very imperative for us to stay focused, and know our "why"! You must be fully confident/unwavering in "who" you are and "what" you're called to do. Be it big or small, whatever your task is, it's worth every sacrifice, every tear; every moment of being misunderstand, and even ostracized! When you walk in your true calling and purpose; and as you continue to follow that tugging and guidance from the holy spirit, you will soon discover that what you endured does not compare to what God has for you, your family, and those you are called to! Therefore, the next time you're feeling distracted and "off track"...just remember, you will never reach your goals, accomplish your dreams, or truly succeed in life while looking at someone else, your own personal failures, or by staring in the rearview mirror. Stay FOCUSED! Finish what you started! It's worth it!

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